ICTCompliance is comprised of a team of professionals in various disciplines, all of whom were in practice as such at various times of their careers, and that have moved on to become specialists in the fields of compliance, information and communications technology, business administration and management consulting.

The ICTCompliance business and relationship networks, coupled to the combined experience of decades of working in localities all over the globe in specialist and executive positions, are built into the core of ICTCompliance processes and services. We proud ourselves on being able and committed to offering the best available bouquet of skills and technological capacities, coupled to the standout service providers in their designated fields as our Service Providers for cyber security products, cyber risk insurance and mobile communication technologies.

Some of the main role-players in ICTCompliance were instrumental in some of the earliest roll-outs of products and services in the mobile technology space, specifically in mobile banking, m-commerce and mobile marketing generally. This required dealing with the gamut of compliance-, risk, Anti-Money Laundering and Know-Your-Own Client aspects in assembling the ecosystems required for such enterprises and projects to function successfully. This was done in many countries around the world and in different regulatory regimes, and since 2001. ICTCompliance accordingly affords our clients not only the relevant compliance skills sets assembled, but also top-end expertise and relationships to ensure maximum optimising of the communication opportunities clients are afforded by the legislation. Case in point, 95% of SMS messages are read in South Africa, as opposed to 5% of e-mails - which is why we often include mobile communication components in our strategic plans for our clients, and do the practical implementation, if required.

ICTCompliance only introduces the acknowledged best-of-breed technologies to our clients as part of our proposed strategic plans for them, but we also point to comparable alternative offerings for our clients to choose from. We are continuously engaging with service and product providers with a view of expanding our associate capacities in respect of specialist offerings and in more geographical territories, and accordingly welcome approaches to ICTCompliance in this regard.













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